Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pictures Mostly Retaken

I managed to retake most of the pictures from Monday. The one exception was the picture of the yellow neon bar sign from inside Jackson Hole. For some reason I was not allowed to take an pictures inside the restaurant. I was told it was the policy of the management. When I explained that I had taken one in there the day before the woman I was talking to wanted to know who let me do it. I wasn't about to get anyone in trouble so I said I couldn't remember. I showed her pictures I had taken inside of other restaruants and told them this was the first time that I had not been allowed to do so. I asked what their policy would be if a bunch of people came in and wanted to take pictures of each other. They said that would be okay. I then asked her if they wanted to take pictures of each other in front of the bar sign, would that be okay. She kind of hemmed and hawed and said that might be alright. I asked if she would take a picture of me in front of the bar sign. That, she said, would not be okay. I asked if I came in with a friend, could they take a picture of me in front of the sign. Now she was becoming very unsure of herself and said she would rather not answer that question. Go figure. I asked if I could talk to the manager and she said that she was the acting manager but did not make management decisions. Rather then pursue the point any further I simply took a picture of the sign from outside. Not exactly the same but you get the idea. I just love managers who can't make management decisions and policies that seem to make no sense. Talking to a few other people in the neighborhood I found out that Jackson Hole is part of a chain of restaurants so I guess important decisions like allowing pictures to be taken are made at the corporate level.

Too bad the Mysterious Chinese Woman wasn't with me. Maybe I could have taken a picture of her in front of the sign and then just edited her out.


josh williams said...

Better yet edit the sign out.Corporate smorporate!

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