Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lunch with the Murph's Guide To NY Bars Guy

I met with Sean Murphy, the guy behind Murph's Guide to New York Bars for lunch today. We met at The Town Tavern where I have already had a beer and counted it towards my 1000. I didn't realize when I was there before that they have an upstairs area with a separate bar. I didn't drink up there though and wouldn't count it again even if I did. My quest shall remain at least somewhat pure. I didn't take a picture the last time so here is one now.

The pile of sand out front is what they removed after putting it down on the floor for some kind of a beach party they had. No nude beach volley ball though, or at least that is what I was told.

I didn't realize until after I talked to Sean that his website also lists a lot of bar related events. I had primarily used it just to look up the locations of bars. He also promotes a lot of events at bars so the home page is a good source of information on fun things to do. I might try to make the Beach Volleybash next Saturday. BBQ, Beach Volleyball and Music. What's not to like. Anyway, here is the website for the Murph's Guide To New York Bars home page.

  • Murph's Guide To New York Bars

  • The other one used to bring you right to the bar lookup section, but I am going to change it.

    Bar Man in his new MURPHGUIDE.COM shirt.


    novae said...

    I had a bit of an encounter of my own. Ran into Nick Plummer, a writer for modern drunkard magazine in Minneapolis last weekend. He might give my blog a mention (http://travelparty.blogspot.com/) or maybe not. Cool new shirt though Bar Man. Keep up the good work (and I hope its ok, I posted a link for 1000 Bars on my page).

    1000 Bars said...

    No problem with the link, I appreciate it. Coincidently I am originally from Minneapolis. Maybe it is something in the water. I will have to get hold of a copy of his magazine. There used to be a lot of breweries there when I was growing up. Grain Belt was one and Hamm's was in St. Paul, the other one of the Twin Cities.

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