Thursday, July 14, 2005

A G4 Day

Today was a fun day and interesting as well. I had camera crew from G4 follow me around. Two of them actually flew in from California, that would be Brendan and Brendan. I didn't have much of a chance to take notes so my writing is a bit scant. Too busy chatting with one of the Brendans. I plan on revisiting these places tomorrow (I will skip the drinking though) to take better notes and I will then add more details. I think that the segment they shot is going to run next Thursday on G4 (a cable station that was formerly TechTV) on Attack Of The Show!

Bar Man And The G4 Team

652) Murphy's

977 2nd Avenue

I had a draft Harp Lager.

653) Jameson's

975 2nd Avenue

I had a draft Tetley's English Ale.

654) Thady Con's

One Of The Brendans and Caitriona, The Bartender

Bar Man And Some Regulars

I had a draft Paulaner Munich Bier, very refreshing.

Three bars for the day making 654 for the year and leaving 346 to go.