Saturday, July 16, 2005

City Island And The Bronx

Some friends took the Mysterious Chinese Woman and me out to City Island. I had never been there before and it was really an interesting place. A bit like being in a small fishing community (with a lot of restaurants) right in The Bronx. Hard to believe that you can get there from Brooklyn by taking a subway and a bus. It really is a bit like stepping back in time. Very nice and I may head out there again one day soon while the weather is still nice. Beautiful water views from a lot of the restaurants that have decks.

659) Tito Puente's

Yep, this restaurant was once owned by Tito Puente. The barstools are conga drums.

There are bright murals on the walls.

Lots of pictures of Tito and his friends on the walls as well. The food was really good too.

I had a Tanqueray and Tonic.

660) Step In

After dinner at Tito Puente's my friends took me back to see their new place that they are staying in while preparing for a move to Florida. I will miss them when they leave but they are building a four bedroom home so I plan on visiting, if they will have me. Anyway, at 1309 Metropolitan Avenue in The Bronx was this darkened lounge. I was on the way to the subway home and it was going to be a long ride so I decided to make a quick pit stop in here. About all I can tell you is that it was quite dark because I dumped down my drink in a hurry. Not that I felt rushed, I just wanted to catch my subway because it was getting late.

I had a Dewar's and Soda.

Just two for the day bringing my total to 660 and leaving 340 to go. Just 89 to go before number 750 at Duff's in Williamsburg on August 20th. Mark down that date.


josh williams said...

Dude,you make Magellan look like a shut in. I've been following your journey and 1,000 is in reality a lot of bars, I send you as a wishes. JW

paula said...

I would have had a hard time to restrain myself from playing those bar stools. I saw Tito prior to his demise live in Ft. Myers. A great outdoor concert.

berklingaly said...