Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Out Of Time, Outer Space

Arrgh. Well as those of you who read tomorrow's post before today's (you have to walk a mile in the Bar Man's shoes to know how that happens) I am going to backfill with limited information. Do not think having a margarita and a beer before noon will somehow make things better. I am really looking forward to that Pink Squirrel later tomorrow.

545) O'Casey's

Well, things were kind of okay here. A great Irish pub with a very friendly bartender and crowd. I had a most enjoyable conversation as I drank my beer. I only had time to take a few notes before Chris, whom I blame for everything, showed up. There was a little nook next to the entryway with a small round table and three chairs. On one side was a nice mirror with a frosted scene of a town on a river. The other side of the wall had a bunch of pictures of politicians and businessmen drinking at bars, looked to be circa 1950's or so.

And that, my friends, is about all Bar Man wrote, other than he had a draft Bass Ale.

546) Branzini

And here is where it became murky. Patially because I was doing a photo-shoot and an interview and partially because, well, Bar Man misbehaved. You can, however, see where I might get a bit distracted. And these were the professionals.

I had not one, but two of these delicious Belgium style, yet made in Ommegang, New York, Witte beers. Bottled but great.

547) Buzz Bar

We will say no more about Bar Man's professionalism other than that today I was following in Hunter S. Thompson's and perhaps Steve Donleavy's footsteps. Except, of course, for the ability to write. Sorry Steve, we do still need to get together for a gargle or two. And this place looks so innocent from the outside. I should have been suspicious when the security guard checked credentials while we were taking pictures out here.

Here is the professional bartender who made, I must admit, an excellent martini.

And here is another added distraction.

I had, er, shall we say more than one Bombay Saphire martini.

Three for the day, and a tough three I might add, making 547 for the year and leaving me with a mere 453 to go. Bar Man promises to be better in the future, but Bar Man has been known to break promises.