Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Long Goodbye

As predicted, yesterday was devoted solely to recovery with very little drinking except a few beers on the beach. Today wasn´t a lot better. My friends had a 10:00 P.M. flight and had to leave for the airport. They wanted to spend their last day on the beach, and who could blame them? The weather was gorgeous. I did manage to wander down the beach a bit and hit:

321) The Beach Cafe

The Beach Cafe is, surprise, right on the beach. The bar itself is on the second floor and has a great view of the beach and bay. The bar extends quite a ways on both sides of a small semi-circular area manned by the bartender. The bar extension to the right is open-air and uncovered. The extension to the left is covered by a tile roof and a dark-green vinyl awning. The bartop is smoothed cement with decorative little stone chips embedded in it. The front of the extensions is made of decorative reddish stone blocks with patterned openings. The front of the circular area is white cement with 2 light-blue quarter-moons with faces, a yellow, smiling sun, and a number of dark blue stars. A beer cooler stacked with cans of coconut milk and various canned fruit for making frozen drinks stands behind the bar.

The whole place is done up primarily in lime-green and lemon-yellow paint with a few orange touches downstairs. The wooden bar-chairs are painted lime-green. The fairly large deck behind the right-hand extension where we were sitting is tiled and has two large orange umbrellas shading a couple of tables. The three sides of the deck not facing the bay were lined with dark-green and white plastic chairs. Behind the left extension it is much darker because it is covered and there is a television. Last year I watched the super-bowl there but was in the bathroom for the Janet Jackson incident. No matter, I saw it about 100 times on the various news shows that felt compelled to repeat it while simultaneously criticising how inappropriate it was.

I had a Negro Modela

Progress is slowing but hopefully will pick up a bit next week. 321 down, 679 left to go.