Monday, March 14, 2005

Another One Bar Day

Spent the morning on the beach, kind of a gloomy afternoon, went to eat dinner at Bohemio (great shrimp and meatloaf) and then headed out for an after dinner drink at:

312) Mi Cocina

Located on Venustiano Carranza on the corner of Constitucion is this largely open-air restaurant and bar. The bar itself is made out of fairly large stones (or fairly small boulders, depending upon your perspective) with a light-colored cement top covered with a light-tan linoleum-like top. I asked my friend Sandy, "Bob's" wife, to do the honors of writing up this place, so:

Strung over the bar there are three flags; American, Canadian, and Mexican. The wall behind the bar is a gold and orange washed cement with a single cement counter lined with glasses. The dining area is constructed of a grass roof supported by palm trees with randomly placed hanging lights constructed out of grape-vines to form bee hives. Towards the back of the dining area are banana plants growing out of holes in the cement. Next to the bar stands a cooler that looks like a Coca Cola machine. A supermarket shopping cart sits in front of the kitchen area. It is probably used when purchasing the ingredients for the days meals.

The restaurant sits on a busy street so you are innundated with the sound and smell of public transportation.

At approximately 9:00 P.M. fireworks went off that could be seen from the back-side of the dining area.

I had a Pacifico and called it a day.

Grand total of 312 bars, 688 left to go.