Saturday, October 30, 2004

Doctor's Advice

Following the common sense advice of checking with a doctor before embarking on any new "exercise" program, I checked in with mine concerning my One Thousand Bar trek. After pronouncing me fit and perfectly suited for such a program, we then discussed proper nutrition and my actual "exercise" program. As might be expected, he stressed the importance of a good breakfast. He thought a three day on, one day off pace might be optimal, but we both agreed that circumstances would have a large affect on that. We then discussed the ideal mixture of drinks. Of course we both agreed that large strong drinks would not do much to further the cause, thereby rulling out two of my favorites, martinis and Manhattans. He thought the ideal might be a shot of vodka and a glass of water for a chaser, but we both realized that would make the journey even more arduous than it already is likely to be. A good second choice seemed to be either screwdrivers or greyhounds (grapefruit juice and vodka). Bloody Mary's would be okay except that most places make them way too big. Of course, while in Mexico margarittas and shots of tequila will play a big role.


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