Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Greek Grilled Octopus

Every year, and maybe more than once a year, the Greek Orthodox church down the block from me has a bit of a block party with great good, beer and wine, music, dancing, just a fun time. And the Mysterious Chinese Woman and I always go at least a couple of time (it lasts a whole week). And we aren't the only ones.

Lining Up For The Food

Not sure what kind of clout the church has because normally you wouldn't be able to block of a street for a whole week, but nobody seems to mind too much. I don't mind at all.

Hey, Just Having A Good Time

The other day we went and I wanted to get the grilled octopus but it wasn't ready yet so we settled for gyros, but they were really good and with plenty of meat. I had a pork gyro and the Mysterious Chinese Woman had a chicken gyro. But this time I was bound and determined to get the octopus. They put it on the grill when you order so it takes awhile.

Patience, My Dear

Well Worth The Wait

Grilling octopus can be a bit tricky, easy to over-cook it which makes it really tough. This was just perfect with a nice outer crunch and really tender inside.

But Not Everyone, Or Everything, Was Happy

That guy will haunt my dreams for weeks to come.