Friday, May 25, 2012

Avert Your Eyes

Okay, you were warned. Though I would gross everyone out and post a few pictures showing belly button's progress. First, my ingenious contraption from keeping everything nice and dry when I showered before seeing the surgeon this morning.

Early Reality Television

It looked much better after everything was cleaned up and a new dressing was applied.

Squeaky Clean

The dressing looks a lot better than the belly button, though. I was assured that it just starts looking better from here on out and I will, indeed, end up with a mighty fine, or at least presentable, belly button.

It Can Only Get Better Looking

Okay, no more pictures until it is much better looking. I had some stitches taken out today and go back in three weeks to have everything checked out again and the rest of the stitches removed.


Splunge said...

If a little bald psychic guy pops out of there... Well, be careful.

Bar Man said...

Well, I would certainly listen to what he had to say.