Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just A Quickie

Just a quick post before we head out on another day's adventure.

I told you how this is an old hotel that has been landmarked so nothing can be changed, not even the interior. As a result the room keys and locks look like something out of an old movie.

The Room Key
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And The Lock
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I have now gotten to the point where I can actually lock and unlock my door without help. Not that the lock would keep anyone out, but the do keep the door from swinging open. Given the small number of guests here and the fact that you really cannot enter or leave the hotel without the management being aware of it, the likelihood of someone breaking into your room is negligible. Good thing too, because there are no safes. Still, I feel most secure.

And, as I have said, this is a most charming hotel.

The Breakfast Nook
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And Fresh Flowers Every Day
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As you may know, Panama hats are actually made in Ecuador, and Cuenca is the heart of the hat making industry. One of the places we visited yesterday was a hat museum where you can also buy hats, but of course. We are going to a Panama hat factory tomorrow so I will probably wait until then to buy one, but we did try on a few.

Pretty Dapper, No
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Ready For The Easter Parade
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I have been going on about how inexpensive it is here, especially to eat. Yesterday we hit the jackpot at little cafe near us where the three of us had lunch for under eight bucks.

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And that price included a big beer for me.

Bar Man And His Big Beer
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I had a pork sandwich as did the Mysterious Sister-In-Law who also had a Coca Cola and the Mysterious Chinese Woman had a nice looking chicken sandwich and a cup of tea.

A Nice Little Nosh
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We will probably head back there today because their soups looked delicious.

I will post more later, but I just wanted you to take a look at the menu of the place we ate last night.

Can't Beat The Prices
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I don't know how to rotate the pictures yet, or why Photobucket seems to have rotated it for me. But tilt your head and notice that other than the giant prawns, everything is under ten bucks. I had the filet mignon which came with a side of vegetables and boiled potatoes for a whopping $8.25. And this is a classy restaurant, as you will see when I post the pictures.

We didn't have a bottle of wine but I did have a before dinner drink and a beer with the meal. The Mysterious Ones had soft drinks but we did have after dinner tea and coffee. And the tab for the three of us, including the tip? Fifty-five dollars.

Okay, I will show you one picture of the restaurant so you don't think I am kidding about it being a classy place.

A View Of The River Was Included
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And aside from a short morning shower the weather yesterday was lovely as well. Warm and sunny, just like my disposition.

And now we are off again. I will try to add to this post later tonight if I have time so check back.

As you can see, I figured out how to rotate the images. I did have to download PS Express in order to do it, though.

The Mysterious Ones wanted to hit a couple of museums this afternoon so I decided to take the opportunity to rest my weary feet and just relax. We walked over six miles yesterday and took a river walk this morning then visited a small exhibit of snakes, frogs, turtles, lizards and a spider or two. It was quite entertaining. Then we hit the cheap restaurant for lunch again.

Anyway, here are a few more pictures of the restaurant we ate at last night.

A Neat Little Nook
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Those are pictures of Cuenca in the old days hanging on the wall behind us. This nook is just off the main restaurant and has a little bar with about half-a-dozen stools. I didn't know what to drink so I asked the bartender for something local. I got a shot of something clear that tasted a bit like vodka, but perhaps not quite as sharp. Not too bad.

As it bagan to get darker the lights in the building across the river began to come on and we continued to have a nice view throughout our most enjoyable dinner.

The Lights Across The Way
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And now for the food. You might think that you wouldn't get much of a fillet mignon for only $8.25, but you would be wrong.

A Nice Hunk Of Meat
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As I mentioned, the meat isn't as tender as we are used to in the United States, but then most of the world doesn't finish their cattle with corn in feed lots. Me, I prefer the somewhat chewer and tastier grass-fed beef so I wasn't in the least disappointed. And by chewy I by no means mean tough, it isn't.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman opted for the shrimp and was quite pleased with what she got.

No Complaints
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The Mysterious Sister-In-Law opted for the sea bass and she said it was okay, but not the greetest she ever had. Given that we are in the mountains, I guess it wasn't caught locally. But then I am sure the shrimp weren't local either. But, shrimp are shrimp wherever you get them.

Good, But Not Great
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That is it for today, but I should have more tomorrow so be sure to check back. A few good pictures of frogs and snakes and stuff and a mystery that remains to be solved.


Splunge said...

Just lovely. Of course I mean the MCW. The hotel is pretty too. ;) I really love the lock and key. You are a lucky dawg.

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