Friday, April 29, 2011

A Reunion Of Sorts

Kind of late with this post, but better late than never, I guess.

Last Saturday I hooked up with my brother-in-law Jim. He had just returned from Rio where he was working on the movie Fast Five. Well, kind of working on the movie. He does lighting and did the lighting for the interviews with the cast. Pretty cool, though. Anyway, he looks after our place when the Mysterious Chinese Woman and I are in Mexico so I treated to him to a meal for his troubles. Cheap labor, if you ask me.

We started out at, no surprise here, the Waterfront Ale House.

Shameless Plug, I Know

Actually, I have to take a picture of their beer menu because it changes all the time and then I forget what I ordered. Maybe I should resurrect the practice of taking notes on recipe cards.

Jim had a Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball, probably because he liked the name, and the Mysterious Chinese Woman had an Avery's Joe's Pilsner.

Notice The Family Resemblance?

I Opted For The Ramstein Dark Wheat

The official name of the beer is Ramstein Winter Wheat Eisbock and it is brewed by the Highpoint Brewing Company right across the river in New Jersey. Well, New Jersey is right across the river, kind of. The beer is a potent 11.5% ABV but doesn't taste that strong and goes down way too smooth. Has a nice nutty taste to it and I liked it enough to have two. Jim had one as well when he finished his Hairy Eyeball.

Now normally I would just stay at the Waterfront Ale House if I wanted barbecue, or at least barbecued ribs, but Jim wanted to try out a place in Manhattan.

Hill Country

A different type of place, but the barbecue was authentic. It is quite big and really packed up while we were there. You get your menu and order your drinks from the waitress and then go up to the counter and order your food and bring it back to the table.

Checking Out The Menu

They have a big enclosed area where they do their barbecuing and they use wood so everything has that authentic flavor. And not just ribs.

A Big Guy And A Big Brisket, Or Maybe Ribs

Everything Cut To Order

Once we all figured out what we wanted, brisket, ribs, chicken and a couple of sides, we sent the Mysterious Chinese Woman up to collect our food.

Placing Our Order

And Proudly Delivering Them

Lots Of Good Stuff

We got sides of baked beans and collard greens. Hey, that rhymes. And nothing goes with barbecue better than, well, better than Margaritas.

Good Ones Too

And Then We Dug In

Notice how I smile for the camera while Jim just looks retarded?

I have to say that the food here is damn good. If I was just going for the ribs I would stick with the Waterfront Ale House (but then I am biased) but for an overall genuine in the city barbecue fix this place would be hard to beat. Would definitely come back again, especially if I was already in Manhattan.

Might Be Fun At Night Too

Hill Country

And there you have it, a happy reunion, good beer, good food, and good Margaritas.


Joe non Papa said...

Their specialty is beef, especially the brisket. What did you think of it?

Bar Man said...

I thought the brisket was a bit on the dry side, but them I am used to the corned beef from Katz's Deli. Now that, to me, is how a brisket should be done.

I smoked a brisket once. It took about 16 hours and the cops showed up because the neighbors were complaining about the smoke.

Anonymous said...

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