Thursday, March 10, 2011

A New Bar In Town

Falling behind in my blogging, I know.  Just too much stuff going on.  But before I get started on a new bar in town, let me at least give you a quick glimpse of our leftover pool-deck party.

Pretty Much The Stuff Leftover From Boca

Oh, it was supplemented by other leftovers that had accumulated in the backs of people's refrigerators, so we did have plenty.

Checking It All Out

Sharon kind of looked it over too, but she wasn't sure about eating anything that had been cooked on the beach and then hauled back to town on a bus.

I Think, No, I Definitely Will Pass

Bill appears to actually be eating something that is green.  Knowing how he feels about vegetables I am guessing that this must be an old meat taco or something.

Green, But Good

Okay, enough about leftovers.  I think I posted a picture of a new Irish bar here in turn, Murphy's Irish Pub.  Bill, Marcie, the Mysterious Chinese Woman and I decided to check it out.  It is a bit of a walk, but Puerto Vallarta is a nice town to walk around in.  Except for the high curbs, cobblestone streets, cracked sidewalks and various wires strategically place to garrote the unwary.

When we got there it wasn't open yet so we ended up going next door to have a beer or two while we waited.

A Combo Bar 

Actually, it is a cafe with a name I couldn't quite make out.  Something like El Bife Cafe which I hope does not mean what it would sound like, The Biffy Cafe.  The bar was called Black And Red and featured beer, drinks and shots.  It looked like it could get rocking at night because it did have a little stage for live music.

C'mon Up, The Beer's Fine

We had the place pretty much to ourselves so we parked ourselves by the window where we could overlook the native population.

Native What? I Don't Know

A  Brew, A Lovely View, And You

There was going to be some kind of festival or something on the malecon later in the evening so they had the main drag through town blocked off and, as you can imagine, this resulted in quite a traffic jam.

But, Strangely, No Horn Blowing

A traffic jam like this in New York would have resulted in a cacophonous outburst of horns.  I never have understood that.  Like the guys at the front of the jam are just sitting there waiting for someone to blow their horn before they move?  I think not.

We finished up our beers and then headed on down to our primary destination.

The First Step Is A Doozie

Murphy's Irish Pub is another upstairs bar so again with the long climb.

You Do Work Up A Thirst

Murphy's Irish Pub has only been open a short time.  Seventeen days, I believe the bartender said, and they were still putting the finishing touches on the place.  It is kind of a family affair and the bartender's father or the bartender's husband's father was here helping set the place up.

It is a nice looking bar and I certainly wish them well.  This is the first place that I have ever been able to get a Guinness Stout here in Puerto Vallarta.  Granted, they didn't have it on draft, but they did have it.

Getting Stout Here In Mexico With Lauren

 I have a feeling this is where our crew may be going for St. Patrick's day now that Sweeny's is no more, so I will back fill it then.

And Another Table With A View

To avoid the rush I picked up my St. Patrick's day shirt early.  Or, at least, the shirt I will be wearing on St. Patrick's day.

All Ready For The Big Day

As we headed on home I asked a couple of friendly looking policemen what the event was that was causing the traffic jam.  They laughingly slapped me around a bit, cuffed me and then threw me in the back of their pickup truck.

Just A Couple Of Friendly Guys

Well, they really were friendly, but they did put the cuffs on me for a photo opportunity.

We are just about to head out to Pipi again with a somewhat different cast of characters, and I still have a backlog of photos to post from some of our other adventures, so be sure to stay tuned.

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