Monday, March 14, 2011

Long Pants Day

Yesterday our friends Carol and Dave donned their long pants (Dave, at least) and headed home.  They said they had a great time, and why wouldn't they?  Everyone who comes here does.  And, like everyone else who ever comes here, left reluctantly.

So Long, It's Time To Go

The day before they left we did manage to get our fish-on-a-stick from the fish lady.  Carol and Dave had been wanting to try one and even though the tsunami delayed us, the fish lady had three of them for us on Saturday.

Three Little Fishies

Our friends Rico and Sandy showed up on Saturday.  They usually stay with us but because they are going to be here for two weeks they thought it would be best to rent a place of their own in our building.  They got quite a welcome, although not one they particularly wanted.

It's A Welcome Poopie

Someone had left the window open a crack and two pigeons managed to get in and then couldn't get out.  You would be surprised how much two pigeons can poop in two days.  They did manage to get someone to clean it all up for them, so all ended up okay.

Rico and Sandy were also a bit frazzled because their flight was delayed.  And why was it delayed?  One of the pilots flying deadhead (apparently he would be the one flying back) had forgotten his passport and had to go home to get it.  Isn't modern travel a delight?

What with new people arriving and old people leaving there was only one thing to do, throw a bit of a party.

A Pasta Party

The New Arrivals, Sandy And Rico

And Those About To Depart, Carol And Dave

Marcie and Bill also joined in the party and Marcie baked a really delicious apple pie for desert. Marcie is our resident baker and can always be counted on to bring something. She is best known for her chocolate cakes and brownies.

A Pie To Die For

Our Baker, Looking Pleased With Herself

Actually, I am not sure if she is looking pleased with herself or just had a few glasses of wine too many.

Bill And Carol Loading Up Their Plates

You could tell Dave is an old pro when it comes to eating pasta.  He was the only one sporting a bid.

Looking Good, Dave

Doesn't take much of an excuse for a party around here, and it was a nice send-off for Carol and Dave and a nice welcome for Rico and Sandy.

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Carol said...

Could be worse, could have been pants on the ground as I forgot my belt. Saved time at airport security as the TSA guy was worried that I might drop my drawers and he got the extra screening done pronto!