Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Willie And Lobo

If you have never heard Willie and Lobo you really should try to buy or download one of their albums.  They have a sound like no other.  Willie on violin and Lobo on guitar.  My first exposure to them was quite serendipitous.  I was in Puerto Vallarta reading the book Puerto Vallarta Squeeze by Robert James Waller, a fan of theirs.  They are mentioned in the book as kind of a background to a scene that takes place in a restaurant with an outdoor garden, Mama Mia's.  The protagonist of the novel, Danny Pastor, is listening to Willie and Lobo when he witnesses a shooting and that sets into motion the chain of events that drives the novel.

Anyway, I decided to head to Mama Mia's, a real place on Basilo Badillo, sadly long gone, and there they were, Willie and Lobo.  I have been a fan of theirs ever since but haven't seen them in ages.  Well, they are touring again and one of their stops is right here in Puerto Vallarta's River Cafe.  Last night was their first night and I was their.

Willie And Lobo

River Cafe is a lovely restaurant on the Cuale Island, and they have excellent food.  I had made my reservations via the internet while I was still in Brooklyn and we ended up with a great table for two.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman Was Radiant

And I Was, Well, I Was There

I will say that Willie and Lobo have quite a following down here.  The place was packed with a most enthusiastic crowd of fans.  And nobody went away disappointed because Willie and Lobo rocked, as usual.

Rockin' Away And Pleasin' The Crowd

Willie is a hoot when he plays, looking almost as though he is going into some kind of an ecstatic trance.  Lobo, whose real name is Wolfgang Fink and was born in Germany but looks Mexican, is a bit more sedate, but sure rocks out with his guitar.

Toasting Willie, Or Lobo, Or Maybe Both

In addition to the great music, the food and service here is excellent as well.  I would come here to eat even if there wasn't any entertainment.  The Mysterious Chinese Woman ordered the Tuna Carpaccio for an appetizer and got a portion that could easily have been a meal.

This Is An Appetizer?

I ordered the Wild Mushroom Soup and it was excellent.

Looks Like Mud, Tastes Heavenly

For my main course I ordered the Braised Short-Ribs and they were done to perfection.  The menu said they had a chocolate coating and I assumed that meant something like a mole sauce.  But, no, it was more of a chocolate chocolate.  It wasn't overpowering, but I don't care for sweet sauces on my meat except, maybe, for some chutneys.  Still, although not quite to my taste it was very good and melt-in-your-mouth tender.

Braised Short Ribs With A Chocolate Swirl

The Mysterious Chinese Woman's main course, Lamb Sambuca, was a real hit.  There is no doubt what I will order the next time I come here.

Simply Fantastic

It was, without a doubt, the best Lamb Sambuca I have ever had and River Cafe is just another one of the truely great restaurants here in Puerto Vallarta.  And that is what makes this place so great.  You can have a fish on a stick from the lady on the beach or got to a top-notch restaurant, all within walking distance and each great in their own way.

Finishing Up With An Irish Coffee

I gave the cherry to the Mysterious Chinese Woman.  She eats the ones I get in my Manhattans too.

Okay, now here is a question that I have.  You know those adds that say you can download or get a CD that will clean up your PC.  There is one ad that says it can improve your PC's speed by up to 100% or more.  Now what does that mean?  Say I run the 100 yard dash in 10 seconds. Now I improve my speed by 10%.  Wouldn't that mean I could now run it in 9 seconds?  How fast could I run 100 yards if I improved my speed by over 100%.  Wouldn't I kind of have to cross the finish line before the starter's gun was fired?  Just wondering.

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