Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Breakfast At Mama's

Well, it wasn't at my at my mama's that we were having breakfast.

Mama Rosa

This is a semi-hidden gem that is a bit off the beaten track, but getting to be fairly well known among the gringos.  It has long been a favorite of the locals.  It is up from the malecon and across the street from Cafe des Artistes and then up and up and up a set of stairs.  I mention Cafe de Artistes only because it is probably the most expensive gourmet restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.  I have been there a few times and have had experiences that have ranged from sublime to so-so.  And for the prices they charge so-so is totally unacceptable.  Unlikely that I will ever return.

But this is about Mama Rosa's, a place I would most certainly return to again and again for truely authentic Mexican food in a lovely setting and friendly service.  I think Mama has passed to the great beyond, but I think it is her son runs it now, but don't quote me on that.  It used to be open only for breakfast, but they now have a dinner menu as well.

Breakfast is buffet style and, sorry to say, I didn't get a very good picture of the offerings.  I did get a picture of part of our crew lining up for the food, though.

Dig Right In

It is all you can eat and this was my initial selection.

A Hearty First Course

I had two kinds of tamales, green beans and eggs, which is a Mexican breakfast specialty, and I don't know what the other thing was.  Very good, though.  They also served an excellent coffee.

They also had a nice selection of deserts that included, according to the Mysterious Chinese Woman, a most delicious rice pudding, flan, of course, some other stuff that I am not sure about, and fried bananas in a sweet caramel sauce. 

Breakfast Without Dessert Is Like, Well, Breakfast Without Dessert

It was the fried banannas that I had, and they were exceptionally good.

The Whole Crew, Ready To Dig In

From where we sat you also had a nice view over part of the town and the bay.

Breakfast With A View

There table decorations were these interesting tomato plants.  Not like the tomatoes that you see in the United States.

I Can Say Tomato In Spanish

"Tomato" is one of those words, of which there are many, that are the same in English and Spanish.  I think "banana" may be another one.  Also "no."

As you can see from this picture that I took on our way out, you do go up a lot of steps to get here.

Really, Do Watch Your Step

Mama Rosa's might be a bit out of the way and require a climb, but if you are in Puerto Vallarta and don't make it here you have really missed out on a great place.  The combination of delicious authentic Mexican food and reasonable prices in a family run and home-like atmosphere simply can't be beat.


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