Thursday, January 20, 2011

Boston Cocktail Shaker

The Mysterious Chinese Woman bought me a Winco brand Boston cocktail shaker but I am having problems using it.  Whenever I make a drink in it I have a devil of a time getting the glass out of the shaker.  It is almost as though the coldness of the cocktail causes the metal shaker to shrink around the glass.  I guess I will have to make a trip to my local watering hole and ask the bartender if there is some trick I am missing.

Last night, after making a batch of Margaritas, I had to run hot water over the shaker before I coult separate it from the glass.  By the time I was able to do so the ice-cubes had all melted and the drink was far from frosty cold.

I was wondering if maybe the Winco brand uses a thinner grade of stainless steel than other shakers which would increase the liklihood of the thing seizing up, so to speak.

Anybody who has a possible solution to my problem, please feel free to offer your advice.

Big tiff between the Mayor of New York, Bloomberg, and the Governor of New Jersey, Christie, over whose team the Jets really are.  New York already lost the battle over the Statue of Liberty (it is in New Jersey).  Of course the Jets play in New Jersey but I think the real test should be to which state do the players and coaching staff pay their state taxes.  My guess is New Jersey.

Of course Bloomberg, he of limited knowledge of history, said "Well, they don't call Joe Namath "Turnpike Joe."  Someone should remind Bloomberg that back when Joe Namath was playing the Jets did play their home games in New York.

Now, let me ask you this, regarding team names and where they play, When the Nets move where they play to Brooklyn, do you think they will still call themselves the New Jersey Nets.  My guess is that they won't.

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Splunge said...

I'm guessing that you already do the "release tap" after shaking? That's when you give the rim of the metal shaker a firm tap on a counter, table or bar edge to release the glass from the shaker. If you have to do that tap too hard you run the risk of cracking the glass, of course. But one or two firm taps usually does the job.