Monday, October 04, 2010

Being Piggy On Pig Island

Well, when you pay $75 for your ticket and it is all you can eat and drink you probably don't want to be thinking about starting a diet.

My first stop, was, a beer tent.

This One Was Open

And then it was on to my friend Sam's spot.


And there was Sam, happily pulling his pork.

Squeal Like A Pig

But the horror, the horror. We must kill them. We must incinerate them.

Pig After Pig...

Two pints, er, I mean points, for those of you who can identify the movie reference.

That's right, Apigalypse Now.

There were a bunch of picnic tables scattered about so we settled into one with our beers and the pulled pork sandwich and headcheese from  FUHGEDDABOUTIT.

Ready To Tuck In

And Tucking In

But, of course, Sam's was only the start of things.  There was plenty more to sample.

How Can This Not Make You Drool?

Now I don't know what I would do with that meat, but it wouldn't have been what they were doing, making some kind of it takes forever to assemble sandwich.

No Sandwich Is Served Before Its Time

It kind of reminded me of Mayslack's in Minneapolis where you waited forever while your roast beef sandwiches were built one at a time by Mayslack himself, a retired professional wrestler.  And his mother would take your money and make change out of a cigar box.

The Lines Were As Long Too

I didn't actually get to try whatever they were assembling because Bar Man doesn't really like to stand in long lines waiting for his food.  I think it was the monkey bars in basic trainning that did it.

Then the Mysterious Chinese Woman and I got into our dueling cameras competition.

Click, You Mangy Dog

Prepare To Eat Pixels

Tomorrow I shall finish my story of Pig Island.

And There Will Be More Dead Pigs

You won't want to miss the stunning climax to our day's adventure.  But I bet some of you can already kind of guess.

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