Friday, August 27, 2010

Odds And Ends

Just a few random shots to finish up my pictures in Lisbon.  Next week the Mysterious Chinese Woman and I are heading off for a river cruise thorugh Germany with a few days in Berlin and Prague.  Should have more interesting stuff to post about then.

The Spanish Tapas Bar where I went to watch the World Cup games was thinking about expanding their food line to include pizza.  I happened to be there when they were sampling it so I got some and they asked me what I thought.  I was really quite good.  They nailed the crispy crust.

Almost New York Pizza Good

This was a picture that I took of people taking pictures, but I don't think they liked having their picture taken.

Smile For The Camera, Or Not

This was taken in a park not far from our hotel and right behind the subway station that we used all the time.

Another Lovely View

When we went to the beach that one day there was a single airplane doing all kinds of crazy stunts.  Not sure if it was part of a show or if they guy was just out for a joy-ride.

Where's The Barf Bag

Lisbon is kind of like Genoa and Puerto Vallarta in that it is built along a mountain or something and there are a lot of really steep hills and streets.  One way to cope with trams.  Some of them only run a few blocks, just up and down a big hill.

The Local Tram

The G-Force Is Terrific

And that pretty much sums up my trip to Lisbon.  A very nice city and one that I wouldn't hesitate to visit again.

And, in the EWWW!! department, I was watching a History Channel program on Napoleon the other day. Did you know that he had leeches applied to his hemorrhoids the night before his defeat at Waterloo?

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