Saturday, August 07, 2010

I.T.'s Baaaack

As you may have heard, the Knicks have rehired Isiah Thomas as a consultant.  Well, why wouldn't you want someone who, when he was president of the Knicks never saw the team win more than 33 games in a season and in the two years he was coach led the Knicks to a combined 56-108 record.  Oh, yeah, let's not forget that $11.6 million he cost Dolan and MSG in the sexual harassment suit brought by Anucha Browne Sanders.

And we won't even mention the Stephon Marbury fiasco for which we were still giving up fisrt-round draft picks this year and put the Knicks so far over the salary-cap they have just now dug their way out.

Sadly, everyone is predicting that Thomas is poised to take over the team again once Walsh is out of the picture, and that is liable to be sooner rather than later.

At least this time the New York papers didn't fall all over themselves praising this brilliant move, like they did for a certain quarterback a few years ago.  The headlines (yes, this kind of thing does make front page headlines in New York) were all disparaging.

"ARE THEY KNUTS" screamed the front page of the New York Daily New.  And inside you saw "SNAKE BACK IN THE GARDEN" and "Zeke gets rewarded for being a creep and loser."

The New York Post, by comparison, was relatively benign with "Thomas slithers in as Knicks consultant."

Even the staid New York Times headed their column on Isiah's return "A Bad Movie Is Getting A Sequel."

About the only thing Isiah hasn't been accused of, yet, is sending pictures of his penis via cell-phone to a former model and Sports Illustrated columnist.  That would be Brett Favre (the sender of the photo, not the former model).  But at least Brett isn't coming back.  Or is he?

On the bright side, the Brooklyn Cyclones defeated the Batavia Muckdogs in extra innings last night.  I will post about my day at the beach either later today or tomorrow.  Tonight I head to Staten Island to watch the Staten Island Yankees play the Williamsport Crosscutters.

Oh, just as a final aside, Isiah led Florida International to a 7-25 record last season.  Now you don't think their might be a conflict of interest regarding a college coach also working for a professional team in a capacity where he is "an evaluator of basketball talent," do you?