Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Congratulations Nate

I wonder how many of Nate's former teammates on the Knicks wish they could have been traded to the Celtics.  You might want to keep that in mind, LeBron.

Jury duty today and you have to love the government.  You are supposed to show up at 8:30 AM at 360 Adams Street.  Oh, wait, it says the main entrance is on Court Street.  But there isn't any Court Street address.  And if you aren't supposed to show up at the main entrance, why mention it?  Also, if you take the subway and get off at the Borough Hall subway station and walk to the corner, Adams Street is Boerum Place.  And Boerum Place and Adams Street is also known as Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard. I live on the corner of Schermerhorn Street and Boerum Place and I get confused.

Oh yeah, and your Social Security number that you are supposed to protect at all times, you need to write that on the form that you turn in.  A form that will probably be seen by about a hundred people before the day is over.  Ah, but what can they do with that if they don't know your name, address, and date-of-birth.  Oh, wait, that is on the form too.  I am suprised they don't want your mother's maiden name as well.

I won't get selected for jury duty anyway, I am wearing my tee-shirt that says "GUILTY" on the front.

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