Monday, May 10, 2010

But First A Word From Our Sponsor

Not really a sponsor, just my favorite neighborhood bar that, by now, you probably know is Pete's Waterfront Ale House.

I popped in on Friday for a quick bite and they had a corned beef sandwich on the special menu board.  Sam, the grilll-master, was there and I asked him if he did his own brisket.  I should have known, of course he did.  The spicing and brining and smoking, the whole thing.  Well, how could I resist.

One Fine Looking Sandwich

It didn't take me long to dig right in.

Stuffing One's Face

I have said it before but it is always worth repeating, the food at Pete's Waterfront Ale House is always surprisingly good.  They don't advertise themselves as a rib place, yet their ribs are some of the best I have ever had anywhere.  And they sure don't advertise themselves as a deli, but their corned beef  sandwich, dare I say it, was even better than Katz's.  Smokier, which I prefer.

Now they don't often do a lot of Mexican food, but I think they did have some Cinco de Mayo specials last Wednesday.  They do, however, have pretty decent Margaritas.

Good To The Last Drop

And Don't Forget The Free Fresh Popcorn

The next day, Saturday, I went to dba Brooklyn for another cask ale festival, but more on that later.

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