Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bandwidth Exceeded

Apparently I have exceeded the 10 gigabit bandwidth that Photobucket allows me each month.  I think this is the first time this has ever happened.  I guess I must have posted more pictures than usual.  It looks like Photobucket's month rolls over on the 21st of each month and my pictures will reappear at that time.

I tried to upgrade to a Pro-Account or whatever they call it that would allow me unlimited pictures but I got the following message:

Our records show that the 'Thousandbars' account is not available for upgrade due to usage violations.

Please contact us if you feel that this is in error.
What those usage violations might be, I really don't know.  I do recall they blocked a couple of my pictures, pictures of artwork, one from a museum and one from an exhibit, because they showed a, gasp, female breast.  One of the blocked pictures was from a museum of humans or something like that in Paris.  It was a picture, half male and half female, showing the similarities and differences between the sexes.  When I took the picture a group of school children were being shown through the exhibit.  Too racy for Photobucket but perfectly acceptable for French grade-schoolers. 
Maybe that was the problem.  Who knows.

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