Tuesday, December 01, 2009

How Generous

I just received an email from Verizon notifying me of a change to my terms and conditions.

This is the change:

1. If you are on a term plan and Verizon ceases offering service to your location prior to the end of your term commitment, you will not have to pay an Early Termination Fee.

Now all that I could think was that before the change, even if Verizon terminated service to your area, you would be charged an Early Termination Fee. I think the change is good, just surprised that it was actually needed.

Just so you know, I have Verizon DSL, land line, and wireless service and am generally very pleased with my service and their customer service. I just thought that change was kind of funny.

Slow day, obviously. I need to get out more. Friday is my birthday and the Mysterious Chinese Woman is taking me out for dinner at some secret location. That should give me something to post about.

Oh, for anyone wanting to send me a birthday card, my address is:

96 Schermerhorn St. Apt. 2A
Brooklyn, NY 11201

I had a nice several days out at my sister-in-law's place for Thanksgiving, spread out over four days. Went out to restaurants three times and had a huge Thanksgiving dinner. No pictures though. I feel kind of awkward taking pictures to post when I am at family get-togethers.


Nickname unavailable said...

What this means is that Verizon may choose to stop offering DSL in your area when FIOS is available. If so, they may terminate your DSL and you can either upgrade ($$$) to FIOS or get another internet provider.

Nickname unavailable said...
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