Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Guest Ap PEAR ance

Every once in awhile, because Bar Man is, after all, considered quite the trend setter, I will receive word, or even a free sample, of a product so that I can pass along my comments about it. Needless to say, people hang on my words like they would hang on to, oh, a hot poker.

Anyway, the other day I received three bottles of Original Sin Pear Cider from someone representing Original Sin asking me my opinion. I have had the Original Sin Apple Cider before, and quite like it. The Pear Cider is something new that they are introducing.

I Drank Them Already

I was going to share these with my brother-in-law, Jim, but he couldn't make it over. I had no alternative but to drink them all myself, before they went bad. I should have at least saved one for the Mysterious Chinese Woman. Bad Bar Man. But, I drank one, then another, and then I said "The hell with it," and drank the last one.

The Pear Cider was quite good. Not overly sweet and without an over-powering pear flavor. I have had pear ciders that were just too cloying to be enjoyed. I found the Original Sin to be quite refreshing. It would be great on a picnic on a warm spring day or at a tailgate party on a warm fall afternoon. Or out fishing on a hot summer day. Hell, it would be okay in an ice-house during the middle of winter, although I would probably prefer peppermint schnapps in the ice-house.

Now, I can't see myself Original Sin Pear Cider on a regular basis, and I sure wouldn't belly up to a bar and order one. Although I have a friend of mine, a bartender, who drinks nothing but hard apple cider. His local watering hole always keeps it on draft, mostly for him. But, I digress.

Anyway, I could see myself buying a six-pack of this every once in awhile. And I bet it would be good mixed with a sparkling wine. At only 4.5% alcohol it could stand to have a bit more of a bite, though. I suspect the primary market for this will be women.

One For The Road