Tuesday, October 20, 2009

But First...

Not a word from the sponsor, but a word about my favorite ale house, Pete's Waterfront Ale House. Our last meal here in Brooklyn before heading out to Las Vegas was here, of course. And to make things a little different, they had their Octoberfest menu. Lot's of good stuff, kind of made me sorry I was leaving town.

They serve good sized portions here so one appetizer and one main dish would be plenty for the two of us.

We started out with a cheese perogi, or something very much like it. Kind of like a blintz too. It was served with carmelized onions on top and then cream cheese and apple sauce on the side. Simply fabulous.

Nicely Crisped

The trick is to pile on the cream cheese and the apple sauce.

Properly Done

They had a lot of specialties on the menu but I only had eyes for one of my favorites, the smoked porkchops. I like stuff that is smoked, from fish to duck, and even like to drink smoked beers on occasion. In fact, this weekend I am going to smoke a leg of lamb out at my Mysterious Sister-In-Law's house for a family get-together.

Pete's grills the smoked porkchops which adds a nice crispness. And the porkchops were nicely smoked. I don't know if they smoke them themselves, I will have to ask. I sometimes get them from my butcher and I think his (the butcher's) might be a bit better and a lot thicker. But then the are more expensive, too. Pete's are about as good as you get in a restaurant. The red cabbage and potatoes were very good as well, and a great complement to the porkchops.

Smoked And Grilled

And, of course, what would an Octoberfest meal be without a couple of beers to wash everything down. Sadly, I have forgotten just what it was we were drinking. All I remember is that it was one of the several Octoberfest beers that they had on tap.

Enjoying A Brew

Really Really Enjoying A Brew

Okay, some Las Vegas stuff tomorrow, I promise.