Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Return To Red Hook

Prior to going to the Waterfront Ale House and the Atlantic Chip Shop on Saturday I had already suggested to the Mysterious Chinese Woman that we visit Kevin's in Red Hook for a Sunday brunch. You may remember that we had planned to go there a few weeks ago but called it off due to the nasty looking weather. That was the day we ended up at Rocky Sullivan's later on after the weather cleared and we got a call from Ellen.

Anyway, while I was in the Waterfront Ale House the friendly and gregarious bartender, Gaid, introduced me to Gene, whose brother owns Kevin's. Actually, I was being reintroduced because I had already met Gene one time in here when Gaid wasn't working. Anyway, I told him of my plans for Sunday and he said he would probably see me there because he helps out in the kitchen. Small world.

We headed out fairly early and were going to catch the Ikea shuttle. But, it was too early for it, it doesn't start its route until 11:00 AM. No problem, we just headed to Atlantic Avenue and caught the B61 bus which has a stop right across the street from Kevin's.

Kevin's In Red Hook

It is a fairly small place, but nice and cozy on a sunny Sunday morning.

Plenty Of Light

No bar or anything. In fact they don't have a liquor license so you can bring your own bottle. They charge a reasonable $5 corkage fee. I had planned on picking up a bottle of bubbly on Saturday so we could make mimosas. Sadly, it totally slipped my mind by the time I made my way home from my beer drinking binge, er, I mean, ah, Who are we kidding? Binge it was.

A Little Counter With Kitchen In Back

They just have a fairly small, but interesting, brunch menu.

The Chinese Dish Wasn't On The Menu

I ordered a small pot of their French press coffee and we both got a free small apple, yogurt, cinnamon appetizer.

A Little Something To Start With

The Mysterious Chinese Woman had said she was hungry, and I guess she meant it. She went for the seafood stew, probably the least brunch-like thing on the menu.

Skip To The Stew My Darling

It was not only large, but delicious. The shrimp were big and juicy and the scallops were really good. It also came with a garlic baguette. The waitress said that Kevin had caught the clams himself somewhere out on Long Island. You can catch a glimps of Gene just over the Mysterious Chinese Woman's shoulder.

I had the Eggs Chesapeake which was like Eggs Benedict but with crab cakes instead of Canadian bacon. Very good, and very filling. Especially with the generous serving of potatoes.

A Chesapeake In Red Hook

Kevin's is just a casual kind of place with friendly, laid back service and what I thought was excellent food and generous portions. I will have to pop in here for dinner one night, and not forget the wine.

Kevin's on Urbanspoon

Afterwards we headed to Ikea, the Mysterious Chinese Woman to do a little shopping and me to catch the shuttle back home. On the way we passed a place where they must like Betty Boop even more than I do. Or, at least, are willing to spend a lot more money on her.

A Shrine To The Boopster

All and all a very pleasant morning. And I really didn't need the bubbly.