Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Johnny

For those of you of a certain age, watching Tarzan movies on Saturday mornings was a part of growing up. Ah yes, Tarzan, common-law-wife Jane, Boy and, of course, Cheetah. Amazingly he got Boy's name right, but missed horribly with Cheetah.

A Close Knit Family

Today is Johnny Weissmuller's birthday. Some of you may know that he played Tarzan in many of those old movies, and some of you may know that he was a champion swimmer. Few probably realize how great a swimmer he was. He was the undefeated winner of five Olympic gold medals, held 67 world and 52 national titles, and at one time held every freestyle record from 100 yards to the half-mile. And nobody ever saw a picture of him with a bong. But then nobody saw those compromising pictures of him with Cheetah's mother, either.

Today we should all tip a glass of some fermented stuff, preferably African, to celebrate his career.

Straight Up, Or On The Rocks

Sadly, Johnny has passed on to that great pool in the sky. Cheetah, ironically, lives on and, at 76, is the world's oldest, known, living chimpanze.

A Comfortable Retirement

Cheetah enjoys painting, playing the piano, and long walks in the moonlight with that special someone.

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