Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scratch One Off My List

Well, here is one bar I will never visit, The Pencil Factory on Franklin Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Sad, too, because this was a classic old bar before Greenpoint became gentrified. Now, and how low can you go, they actually have a happy hour for mothers.

There was an article, A Toast To Mothering, in today's New York Daily News, and if this won't put you off your beer, nothing will:

"If other patrons - mostly young men perched on bar stools - are fazed by the breastfeeding and diaper-changing, they don't let on."

Oh yeah, nothing like the smell of beer and baby-poop to make you want to linger for another cold one. I would think that changing a baby in a bar would have to violate some health code. I mean, don't they have a changing-table in the restroom for that sort of thing.

And talk about convoluted logic; one young mother actually said "Its best to breastfeed while you're drinking because it takes an hour for the alcohol to hit your bloodstream." Wow, run into the bar, order a beer, and quickly breastfeed your baby while you drink it down.

As a side-note, I thought Michelle Obama looked lovely at the swearing-in ceremony, but if that dress she wore to the inaugural balls had been yellow she would have looked like Big Bird from Sesame Street.

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