Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tailgate Therapy

Okay, here is a million dollar idea.

The other day, as yet another New York sportswriter began to ease themselves off the Brett Favre bandwagon, Gary Meyer's wrote in the New York Daily News that if Miami beats the Jets in the last game of the year to win the AFC East and knock the Jets out of the playoffs, it would "qualify as the lowest moment in franchise history" and "Jets fans will need years of counseling..."

Years of counseling. Hmm. You have to pay for counseling, don't you? And one of my Mysterious Sister-In-Laws is a therapist of some kind. Not sure what kind though, I never talk to her about her work. I do notice, though, that at family get-togethers she is always giving me funny looks and then scribbling in that little notebook she carries around.

Anyway, I suggested to her that maybe she could drum up business by offering discounts to new clients that show up wearing Jets paraphenalia. You know, tee-shirt, cap, boxer-shorts, whatever. I guess they could just bring them in a brown paper bag if wearing the stuff was too traumatic. I also suggested that maybe she could hire someone to pass out flyers after the final game of the season if the Jets lost.

My Mysterious Sister-In-Law immediately saw the potential in this. She said that there is a courtyard where she has her practice and thought having group therapy sessions in a tailgate-like atmosphere could work. She said the realism of the setting could help people work through their issues. And she said an added bonus would be that she could get free BBQ.

We will be testing the waters on this and looking to franchise the concept in the near future.