Friday, November 14, 2008

Spleen, Just Got To Love The Word

Okay, no spleen on this post, but I was on my way to get a spleen sandwich, really. In fact I even got there and ate it. But, that will have to wait until my next post.

Why, because I passed the Atlantic ChipShop and I am a sucker for a good British Beer. Or any beer, if one must know.

Come Into My Parlor

As you can see, they are touting their selection of British Beers this month and I would really suggest that, if you can, you stop in.

Repeating Myself

Ironically, I missed a three day cask ale festival at Brazen Head the other day. Really pissed me off because I walk by the place every day, almost. How I missed it, I do not know. I have now signed up for their email thing though.

Anyway, the irony was that ChipShop was out of their cask ale too. They said to come back tomorrow, but I missed that too. I will make it a point of getting back one day soon to see what they have.

Today, No, Maybe Tomorrow

The bar here isn't all that big, but it is a decent bar with a nice selection of draft beers and a bit of a bar ambiance. I think it should be set back a bit more from the windows, but it is a small place. I guess they did the best they could do.

Nice Selection, Though

And the bartender, Adam, is really a nice fellow, or mate, or chap, or whatever they call them across the pond. Even though he is from Britain he didn't know anything about snooker. Quite disappointing. But a good guy anyway.

Adam, The Snooker Challenged

I have been in here before and I am sure I mentioned that they have dynamite fish and chips. Probably the best I have ever had. Let me emphasize that a bit, if you have better, let me know. You can eat at the bar, but they do have a nice little dining area in the back.

Cozy, In A British Kind Of Way

I had a draft Well's Bombardier, a really nice ale. I would strongly recommend that, if you can, you stop by the Chip Shop on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn before the month is over to try a selection of their British offerings.

My next post will address my spleen sandwich. Trust me when I say that the Mysterious Chinese Woman says the combination of spleen and beer is a truly repellent mixture.

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