Thursday, October 02, 2008

New York Press Responds

The New York Press did, indeed, publish my letter questioning the title of their "Best of Manhattan" edition.


This Week: A clarification about last week’s “Best of Manhattan” edition; some stoner love, followed by Streep affection; and then yet another slam on Armond White for his apparent poor taste.

Brooklyn-Bound Best Of

May I humbly suggest that your “Best of Manhattan 2008” edition (Sept. 24-30) was inappropriately named? It seems that a number of your Best ofs were in boroughs other than Manhattan. My borough, Brooklyn, popped up numerous times, including: Best Straight First Date (Floyd), Best Shrine To Obsessive-Compulsive Collecting (City Reliquary), Best Open-Air Venue (The Yard), Best Book Store (Word), etc.

Whatever were you thinking?

—Dan Freeman, Brooklyn

Editor’s Note: You are correct, Dan, we did award several “Best of” categories to places outside of Manhattan. We stated as much in our intro, since the Press has been producing a “Best of Manhattan” edition for close to two decades (back when it was originally more difficult to discover great things in outlying areas) and have been reluctant to drop the title. But thanks for reminding us of the fallacy.

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