Friday, August 08, 2008

500,000 Hits

It looks like my blog will reach the half-million hit mark sometime this weekend. To celebrate this somewhat less than earth-shattering milestone (Paris Hilton gets that many hits in an hour) I will be having dinner and a few beers tomorrow (Saturday, August 9th) at Pete's (Waterfront) Ale House, my favorite neighborhood watering hole, as I am sure you all know by now.

The Mysterious Chinese Woman and I will probably get there around 6:00 P.M. and hang around for a couple of hours. We will be looking forward to seeing any of you who may show up.

Oh, the Mysterious Chinese Woman said that if I posted pictures of myself in a bikini I might be able to compete with Paris. Somehow I doubt that. Be grateful I don't try.


Geriatric Nursing said...

I liked your pictures. Hope you had a good time.

Marty Freeman said...

Congratz!... a whole half million... coincidentally the number of calories in the beer you've consumed since beginning 1000 Bars and Beyond. Cheers to another whole half million hits and calories.