Thursday, May 15, 2008

Old Guys Opener

Well, eventually it had to come to this. When your nightcap of choice is a shot of Pepto Bismo and instead of a glass of beer when you wake up you chug an Alka-Seltzer you know that your youth isn't fleeting, it has fled. Ah, the good old days when drugs were for recreation, not survival. Seems to me they were cheaper then too. Well, we might not be able to rock, but we can still cook.

Rico brought up all of the fixings for our eggs in a bag omelets. These are always a fan favorite. Just throw a couple of eggs into a Ziploc bag along with whatever else you might fancy: onions, chopped garlic, grated cheese, chopped up sausage, anything at all. Then you just squish everything together and squeeze out all of the air.

Rico Showing Off His Creation

Of course Cubby seemed proud of his as well.

Cubby Showing His With Gus Looking On

Actually, I am not sure what Gus is looking at, or what all Cubby was showing.

And then, when you have everything all squished up you simply pop the bag into boiling water and let it boil away for about 14 minutes.

Boiling Away

Then, believe it or not, you take out the bag, open it, and roll a perfect omelet out onto your plate.

Just The Way You Made It

Another unusual offering was venison haggis. Haggis is, basically, all of the internal organs of a sheep including the lungs which, sadly, are no longer legal in the United States. You chop everything up and mix it with oatmeal and then, traditionally, stuff it into the sheep's stomach. Sadly, real stomach's are getting hard to get so we used a Sears stomach. And we used venison parts instead of sheep parts.

Bruce, who also made five gallons of a mighty fine beer, Bruce & Jon's Lumberjack Lager, was the one responsible for the conception and preparation of the Haggis. And, I regret, I did not get a picture of his keg of beer.

Yummy, Sheep Parts

Everything Stuffed Into A Simulated Stomach

Bruce also whipped up a mighty fine batch of greens and pork hocks that really hit the spot.

Greens Right Out Of The Pot

A nice little repast:

Beer And Greens

We had a lovely evening so supper on the deck seemed like a grand idea.

Jerry, Cubby, And Chris Chowing Down

Chris just came up on Saturday so he rounded out our crew to an even eight this year.

A Beautiful Sunset

All of my so-called buddies, except for Bruce, always give me static about my football jersey because it has "BIMBO" across the front. Well, if it didn't have "BIMBO" across the front I probably wouldn't have bought it. But it was a touching tribute when Jon unveiled a special cake he had made for the opener.

A Touching Tribute

Oh, the only reason Bruce doesn't give me static about my jersey is because he had me buy one for him.

We had a great time, as usual. We had a lot more good stuff to eat too. I brought corned beef and pastrami from Katz's and Rico's wife Sandy sent up some homemade sauerkraut. We bought some Swiss cheese and rye bread on the way up and made dynamite grilled Reubens. I also made a nice Spanish style fish stew and we had smoked venison, pickled Northern Pike, pickled turkey gizzards, smoked oysters and octopus and all sorts of other goodies to nibble on.

Oh, and we never did go fishing.


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