Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Chez Elena

Although I am back home in Downtown Brooklyn where the weather is still gray and the people all dress in dark colors, I still have a backlog of things to post about from Mexico. It kind of warms me up a bit when I do so and get to look at the pictures. again.

Bar Man And Paul At Chez Elena Bar

This is not the easiest place to find. It is several blocks back from the bay and more than a bit of a walk uphill. It sits atop a hotel and restaurant and offers some spectacular views of the bay, the city, and what little of the mountains you can still see.

Mysterious Chinese Woman, Bar Man, Sharon, Paul And Bay

You can see how this is a great place for a sunset drink and is well worth the time it takes to find it and the effort it takes to get to it.

View Of The Town

If you look to the south you can see the part of Puerto Vallarta where we stay, although we are on the other side of the Rio Cuale. The church tower of Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe used to be visible from the living room window in our unit. It is now, sadly, blocked by a new building that is going up.

The large structure that you see is a huge condo that is going up right on the south bank of the Rio Cuale. To build it they tore down a lovely old colonial style hotel that had a nice outside bar, a pool with a waterfall, and a bunch of parrots. I guess there is no stopping progress, but it is somewhat sad to see much of the old Puerto Vallarta disappearing.

Looking To The North

As you can see, Puerto Vallarta is sprawling to the north as well. Just a few short years ago the area where you see the new buildings was largely marsh and home to salt-water crocodiles and other wildlife.

Looking Up

Similarly, more and more homes are being built up the mountains surrounding what was the old Puerto Vallarta. Well, maybe not mountains, but certainly foothills. Just a few years ago there were only maybe one or two small houses on that hill underneath the antenna.

Looking Up With People

I thought that last shot made a good backdrop for a group photo.

I also think I found out where the Creature From The Black Lagoon decided to retire. I suspect that his money goes a lot further down here, and he is close to the water. Puerto Vallarta has always been popular with the movie crowd.

The Creature Kicking Back

It looks like he has been getting a bit of sun.