Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back To Boca

After our visit to the zoo we hopped on the bus and headed down the road a bit to Boca de Tomtalan. I really like to head out here for an afternoon on the beach and a bit of a hike if you are so inclined.

Mysterious Chinese Woman, Sandy, and Rico Having A Cold One

Sharon And Paul Letting A Sleeping Dog Lie

After a couple of beers we decided to take a bit of a hike along the river. At one point we like to cross the river and head back along the other side. There is a little bridge that most of us use, but Sharon finds forging the stream a bit more to her liking.

To Each Their Own

Her husband, Paul, shouted words of encouragment which, I am sure, Sharon greatly appreciated.

You Can Do It!!!

At about the halfway mark things looked like they were going well.

How High's The Water, Mama?

However, there came a point where the water was a bit deeper than Sharon thought it would be.

It's Up To My, Uh, Well, My...

However, the river was successfully forded and everyone emerged safely. I am sure the locals will remember this day for a long time.

The River Goddess Emerges

After a quick trip into the little town to buy dry pants Sharon returned for our afternoon snack by the sea.

Looking Quite Proud Of Herself

We had another nice day and although some people preferred taking a water taxi back to town, we settled for the bus.

Taking The Taxi

Although Boca de Tomtalan is still far enough out of the way to not have too many tourists, the cruise ships do run out people for a quick bite to eat and a view of the "real Mexico." Luckily they confine themselves to one restaurant so we don't really have much reason to interact with them. It is kind of interesting to see them being run in and out of here though. I wonder how much they get charged for the trip. If they knew how to use the buses it would cost them about a two dollars total for a round trip and they could really experience Mexico.