Monday, February 11, 2008

Being A Good Influence

Ah, you have to love kids. My little niece has always been impressed by certain of my abilities. You know, things like being able to burp really loud and cross my eyes. Apparently she is also impressed by my ability to hang a spoon from my nose.

Impressing The Kids

She decided to put her artistic abilities to use and presented me with a picture she had drawn commemorating my spoon-hanging skills.

Suitable For Framing

Apparently some of my other abilities impress her as well because she also presented me with this lovely picture.


I guess it is my own fault for teaching her to sing 99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall. I heard she was a big hit at recess. I think her mother heard about it too. Oh well, what are Uncle's for if not to get their nieces into trouble. Once I read her a book, Walter, The Farting Dog. She liked it so much she wanted to borrow it. Imagine my pride when she took it to school to share with her friends. Her mother heard about that as well.

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