Thursday, January 10, 2008

Brooklyn Bridge Park Progress Report

Not too far from where I live is where they plan on building the Brooklyn Bridge Park. This will be an expanse of park that will run 1.3 miles from the Brooklyn Bridge to Atlantic Avenue. Laughably the initial "groundbreaking" took place in 2001 and it was then Mayor Rudy Giuliani who presided over the event. The press release from the event said that development would be finished in two years.

Well, it looks like they have put up a bus stop sign for the Brooklyn Bridge Park Beach and Pool Shuttle. Such optimism.

Next Stop, No Idea

If you did get off the bus here you wouldn't exactly be at Coney Island, and you might wonder where the beach might be.

Hmm, Where Is The Beach

Ah, This Must Be It

Well, at least it looks like they are making progress on the fishing pier. They outdid themselves on capturing the look of the old one.

The Old Fishing Pier

The local artists have been invited to display their work in the new park and it looks like at least one has taken up the offer.

Art In The Park

I thought the best visual though was the juxtaposition of the downtown Manhattan skyline with the soon to be demolished warehouses where one day there will be a park.

Somewhat Surreal

Some evidence that progress is being made does exist. The warehouses have largely shut down and the lumber company that once occupied one of the piers has relocated.

A Mere Five Miles Away

Oh, another ceremonial groundbreaking is scheduled for early this year.

Although I look forward to seeing the new park, I will kind of miss morning walks down the somewhat desolate stretch known as Furman Street.

Scenic Furman Street

Well, a bit of a departure from my normal fare, but I felt like sharing.

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jf said...

thanks, dan. as an urban decay enthusiast, i appreciate your take on 'renewal,' typical of the slightly skewed outlook that makes your blog a must-read for me, though i am no longer a drinker. keep it up.