Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween at Pete's

Well, I was minding my own business fully immersed in my second obsession, Everquest. I was planning on staying home and watching the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village on television last night. Nothing more. Then an Everquest friend of mine, Akkusen, another beer aficionado, asked me what I was going to do for Halloween. It doesn't take much to trigger a desire for beer in me so I immediately began to think of a pumpkin ale or something. Next thing you know I was heading to my old favorite Pete's Waterfront Ale House to get my nose wet. And not by dunking for apples.


They didn't have any pumpkin ales available but my eye was caught by Avery's The Reverend Suddenly the sounds of the Eurythmics Missionary Man began playing in my head and I had to have one.

Woof, it was a good one. A Belgian Quadruple Ale style coming in at a hefty 10% alcohol. A beautiful tawny color and absolutely delicious. Spicy and malty at the same time with nice chocolate and caramel back flavors. Usually I have several different beers when I hit Pete's, but I stuck with this one all night long.

Bar Man and The Reverend

Of course this blog isn't just about drinking and debauchery, it is also educational. That gets me grants and tax write-offs. So here goes the educational part. The Reverend was named in honor of the grandfather of Tom Boogaard. And who, you might ask, is Tom Boogaard. Well, he is, or was, Avery's Sales Manager. And his grandfather was an ordained Episcopal Reverend. And, think about this happy coincidence. It is Halloween and I am drinking a beer associated with Tom Boogaard.

After the beer at the bar the Mysterious Chinese Woman and I headed to a table to have ribs. Again, kind of appropriate for Halloween, I thought. Would have been cooler if we could have just ripped them out of someone.

Mysterious Chinese Woman About To Rip Into Her Ribs

And, believe me, these ribs are worth ripping into.

Ripping Good Ribs

I ordered another Reverend and by a happy twist of fate got it served in a larger pint glass.

Happy Halloween

And then, to make the evening complete, my favorite bartender Gaid showed up in costume. At least I think he was in costume. He often looks like this after a night out.

Gaid In Costume, I Think

I had one final beer at the bar and then staggered off home. I was going to watch the Halloween Parade on television but fell asleep instead. My evening was a lot of fun though and I have left-over ribs to look forward to for dinner tonight. Life just doesn't get any better than this.

I guess I have to give Akkusen some thanks. If not for his comment (it doesn't take much to set the Bar Man off) I probably would have stayed home.

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