Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sad News

Is This The End

Well, I guess it had to happen. What with all of the development going on in Brooklyn this was just too valuable a piece of land to remain as simply one of the best honky tonk bars anywhere, and certainly in this neck of the woods. I hear that regardless of what goes in here, Hanks will remain. Excuse me if I have my doubts. What will go in here will undoubtedly be housing of some sort because that is where the big bucks are. And it is hardly likely that you would maximize the value of said housing by setting it atop a somewhat disreputable, and certainly loud, honky tonk that draws, shall we say, an interestedly mixed crowd.

Oh sure, they may have a bar here (doubtful) and keep some of the trappings of the original Hanks (more doubtful) but it will certainly not be the same.

I strongly encourage you to visit Hanks sometime soon so you will be able to say you saw it when. Go on a Sunday when there is free music and free BBQ. It is easy to get to, just take any subway that goes to Atlantic Avenue or take the LIRR. Hanks is just a few blocks away at the corner of 3rd and Atlantic Avenues.

If you stop in, be sure to say "Hello" to Jeannie. Absolutely the best honky tonk bartender I have ever run into. And I have run into a few.

Jeannie, Absolutely The Best