Monday, June 18, 2007


The day broke as rainy as it had been the previous day so there would be no sky-walk or zip-lining. Instead we hopped on our bus and headed for our next destination, the beach town of Tamarindo. On the way we stopped for lunch in Liberia. This is one of the larger cities in Costa Rica and has an international airport. If you were just heading to Tamarindo this is where you would probably fly into. We didn't really explore the town, just stopped for a very nice seafood meal (I had cerviche) and a beer or two.

No Bar But A Beer

I couldn't resist toasting this lovely lass who looked like she was raising hers as well.

Toasting (But Not Frying) A Mermaid

Tamarindo is a great little town that is growing like mad. It is on the Pacific coast and is very popular with foreigners (people like me). Initially it attracted a lot of beach bums and surfers because of the surf, naturally, and its low cost. It still retains an almost 1950's feel to it in certain areas, but is rapidly being developed as more and more of the wealthy gravitate there. Kind of a pity, really, but there is no stopping progress. See it now before it changes to much.

A Bit Of The 1950's Flavor

A Surfside Bar

The Surf

Actually, the bigger waves were down the beach a bit, but this place did attract a good surfer and soccer bum crowd, both locals and foreigners.


It was my kind of place so settling in for a couple of beers wasn't a hard thing to do.

Settling In

As I said, it had a nice surfer/soccer feel to it.

Surfer Soccer Motif

Later, after showering and changing, I headed back into town from the hotel which was about a mile away down a dirt road. There are plenty of taxis though but the ride is a bit expensive. The price I was quoted was $15 per person, one way. This is an example of how the place is changing with fancy hotels outside of town for the rich. Needless to say I simply walked.

There are a lot of nice bars and restaurants in town, most are open-air and right on the water. Before deciding upon a place to eat I stopped into one of them for a beer.


They had a nice enough bar and a friendly bartender so it was a good place to quench my thirst after the walk into town.

Thirst Quencher

Of course if sit too long you are never sure what or who you might attract.

I Sat Too Long

After a refreshing beer I headed down the street to Nibanna to have dinner and, of course, another libation.



Tomorrow six of us are scheduled to take a raft down a stretch of river and hopefully we will be able to do that. No rain here now, we seem to have left it behind us. The rest of the group has scheduled another zip-line excursion so they are also hoping for dry weather. Let's keep our fingers crossed.