Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good Bye Costa Rica

Well, all good things must come to an end and so did our Costa Rica adventure. Actually, the Costa Rica adventure was a good thing.

Started out the day by visiting others in our group that were staying at a hotel right in downtown Tamarindo. To get there we walked into town and passed under an overpass made of matting that crossed the dirt road. This was put this up to let the howler monkeys who lived on one side get to a hotel on the other that put food out for them.

Heading To The Monkey Bar

The hotel was quite nice but had a name with an unfortunate connotation. I felt like I should be reaching for my Imodium.

Hotel Diarrhea

They did have a nice bar area built like a large palapa, and that was where I was headed to meet my friends.

Palapa Bar

I decided to have a rum and coke and sit for the obligatory bar shot.

Bar Man At The Bar

One of our group had slipped on a rock while climbing to the top of a small waterfall. She sustained quite a nasty bruise and seemed to delight in showing it off to everyone. She was a nurse and they seem to have a thing for injuries. I am a guy, so I have a thing for nurse's thighs.

A Beautiful Bruise

We were going to have a group dinner to celebrate our last night in Tamarindo so I decided to stop for a beer before meeting everyone later. This was a neat looking place, but it was just opening up. The bartender said it is more of a late night joint, and it looked like it. I don't mind drinking alone though, so I had a beer.

La Barra

Bar Man And Beer

After finishing my beer I headed to Zully Mar for dinner.

Zully Mar

I got there a bit early so I decided to have a drink at the bar while I waited for everyone to show up.

Bar Man At His Usual Spot

Eventually the rest of the group arrived and people were so happy to see us that we got a serenade. What a treat.

Being Serenaded

The following day was pretty much a bus trip back to San Juan with a quick stop for lunch and a visit to a souvenir shop. Barely time to get cleaned up and head to a steak house for a final farewell get together before we all called it a night and then caught our planes home the next day.

Our Final Farewell Dinner

All and all it was a very nice trip with a good group of people. One day I might go back just to spend a bit more time in Tamarindo. So many places to go though, and so little time.

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Marty Freeman said...

Yup, that bruise is a beauty... and I know, I do all my own stunts!