Thursday, May 17, 2007

Brokeback Cabin

We managed to get back to Brokeback Cabin before dark and immediately set out to do the important things. First on the list was setting up and testing the beer station.

Rico and the Beer Station

Some of you may know that my friend Bruce is an excellent brewer of beer and he was the one who came up with this excellent device. It incorporates a five gallon container similar to the one that dispenses soft-drinks and another container of pressurized gas of some sort that keeps the beer under pressure. A lot slicker than trying to keep those kegs pumped up. Plus, the container is insulated enough so it keeps the beer cold for a long time without having to submerge it in a bucket of ice. Who says you don't get smarter as you get older?

The next step was to break out the supplies make a mess inside the cabin. We are very good at this.

The Mess

By this time it was getting late and we were privileged to a beautiful sunset, or maybe a sunrise. It gets a bit confusing.

Sunset or Sunrise

The first night we usually have something quick to eat, sauerkraut and sausages this time. As the weekend goes on, however, we have more interesting fare. Wonderful beef shanks braised by my brother, an excellent cook, braised venison shanks prepared by yours truly, linquini with an anchovie, butter, and honey sauce (my brother's creation and much better than it might sound), and much more.

Barman Preparing Venison Shanks

There were more snacks than you could imagine and two of the favorites were pickled pike and pickled peppers prepared by Bruce.

I slept a bit fitfully that first night because there was a big lump right in the middle of my fairly small bed. In the morning I found out why. My "buddy" Rico had placed a can of beans under my mattress to get back at me for grabbing one of the beds in the main cabin. This is considered a coup because the majority of the group has to sleep in a separate guest cabin. You can imagine what it is like in there with six guys who have had sauerkraut and sausages for dinner washed down with copious quantities of beer.

Rico and Beans

Bright and early the next morning Chris and Cubby could be found on the deck studiously attacking crossword puzzles and having their morning beer.

Chris and Cubby

We don't actually spend too much time on the lake, but my brother, Marty, brought up a kayak and Jerry, the owner of Brokeback Cabin, took it out for a spin.

Jerry Kayaking

Others were content to lounge on a raft that remained securely on shore.

Barman, Cubby, and Marty Safely on Shore

We did do a bit of fishing off the dock. Some attempts were more successful than others.

Unsuccessful Attempt with Chris and Cubby

Jerry's Success Story

Amazingly, this rather pathetic excuse for a fish, which we released, drew an amazing crowd and for most of the rest of the weekend there were other fishermen in boats hovering around our dock. And, alas, nobody brought a potato gun.

The Poachers

Some people preferred just hanging out:

Marty, Jon, and Gus

Or practicing their martial arts:

Marty and Cubby with Bruce Refereeing

On Sunday a friend of ours, Skippy, who lives on the lake dropped by with his new bike. With his leather jacket and slicked back hair he looked like he was trying out for the part of the dentist in the movie Little Shop Of Horrors. The one where Steve Martin played the part, not the one featuring Jack Nicholson. You can see why.

Skippy, Barman, and Bike

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Chris had left earlier in the day so he didn't make this group picture.

The Gang

And so ended yet another Fishing Opener at Brokeback Cabin.


paula said...

Boy you guys are sure getting old. Tell Brucie to send me a jar of pickled pike. Sound delicious. I sure do miss Northern Minnesota and the great bars with jars of pckled eggs and turkey gizzards. Looks like you had a great time.

1000 Bars said...

I would post pictures of when we were younger but they didn't have digital cameras back then. Hell, I am not sure if they had cameras at all.

And we are not getting old, we are getting grizzled.

Grizzled guys eating gizzards, it doesn't get any better than that.

Anonymous said...