Monday, March 26, 2007

Fruiting Your Beer

Just a thought. You ever watch those Miller commercials, the ones with the "Man Rules"? Well, do you think this guy, who is now on about his third face lift and wears a wig, should be telling a man like me not to be putting a slice of lime in his beer? I don't think so.

I will damn well put a lime or two in my beer if I want, and a pinch of salt too: no facelift, no wig:

Come on Burt, bring it on.

By the way, Miller also sells "Chill." It's a chelada style light beer with lime and salt added. I guess they fruit their own beer. Sheesh, you would at least think they would get their messages straight.

Well, I guess in Burt they got a spokesman who can go both ways.


Peter Fleming said...

Gotta disagree with ya Dan.

Fruiiting beer? It's one thing if your using the citric acid to fight the bacteria resulting from poor bottling practices and climate. That's a smart way to make sure you can enjoy your beer, otherwise, that's just night right.

That may explain why I'm not a weissbeir (sp?) fan as well.

Douglas Cress said...

haha - where'd you dig up that picture of Bert Reynolds?

I've never been one to "fruit my beer" - It does help add another level of flavor - in certain brews. I tend to drink beers which don't pair well with lime.