Friday, August 18, 2006

Tout Va Bien

Well, this restaurant is not in my neighborhood, but went there to have dinner with The Mysterious Chinese Woman and two of her sisters. One was going to a play so it fell to me to pick a restaurant in the theater district. This one got good reviews and is on 51st between 8th and 9th.

Of course, before dinner, I had to have a cocktail at the bar and the bartender, and damned if I can remember her name, mixed me up an excellent Bombay Martini. I asked to have it in a smaller glass than the normal, much too large, in my opinion, ones you usually get and she accomodated me and put the extra in another glass on the side.

They had a very nice French bistro menu and a reasonably priced Prix Fixe menu for the before the theater crowd. We shared a couple of flank steaks, mussels, scallops, duck, chicken, pate, and, of course, snails. They had a plate of celery and radishes on the table and I got everyone to try the radishes with butter. When I visited Paris I noticed that people ate them this way. The general consensus was that this combination was very tasty indeed. Desserts were included but I opted for Pernod and espresso. The decor was somewhat simple in a rustic sort of way and the service was most friendly.

The service was great, the wine reasonably priced, and I would come back again at the drop of a hat. I am looking forward to having the rest of the steak that I took home for dinner tonight. The portions were most generous and the French fries that accompanied the steaks were delicious as well.


mirdreams said...

A great place to get a pre-theater bite to eat and a beer is St. Andrews. It's on 44th between Broadway & Sixth Ave. They have a great fixed price menu for $29.95, they have a great selection of scotish beers and single malts, and the waitstaff all look good in plaid.

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