Sunday, May 28, 2006

Graduation Day

Charlie, The Proud Graduate

My brother Marty and his family live not too far from Spirit Lake where I was vacationing. This weekend they were celebrating my their son's, and my nephew, graduation from high school (MCC, which stands for, I believe, Murray County Central). Charlie, you my remember, visted me in New York last summer and even got some training as a Junior Bar Man (he practiced with sodas).

On Saturday there was a party at Marty's place and there was, as you might expect, plenty of good food. Marty and his wife, Paula Sue, own the Left Bank Cafe where they serve excellent food and their own custom roasted coffees. You can also order their coffee online and can get to their website by clicking the picture below.

  • The main dish at the party was roasted pork butt. He did up 100 pounds of the stuff but 60 of it was for someone else who was also having a graduation party.

    Marty, Charlie, Paula Sue, Katie (my neice)

    The next day we were back again for brunch and to watch a taped performance of Aida that Charlie's high school put on. Charlie played the role of Zoser (hiss).

    After that we headed to the high school for the graduation ceremony then after a quick stop back at my Marty's we all headed to Spirit Lake again.