Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Trouble Is Here

Well, I knew I should have saved bars close to home for the final stretch, but I didn't, and now there is a subway strike. I guess I am going to have to do some serious hoofing. Children, let this be a lesson.

By the way, I found another translation of "The Panther." This one is by Stephen Cohn and I think I might like it a bit more, seems to more accurately reflect my state of mind.

"The bars which pass and strike across his gaze
have stunned his sight: the eyes have lost their hold.
To him it seems there are a thousand bars,
a thousand bars and nothing else. No World."

Murph's Bar Guide did a nice little promotion for my 1000th bar, you can check it out here:

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    paula said...

    Get out the Dr. Scholls.

    horseshoe said...

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    martyfreeman said...

    Wow, that IS strange, I would have thought that "Trouble Looming" would have brought this nutcase directly to "Horse-Loving" stuff. The Web should be more random associative like this, life would be more interesting?

    1000 Bars said...

    I am impressed by someone who is so busy they didn't have time to read the entire posting, it was so very long.

    LJCWIGVC said...

    Your blog is different than the rest of them. I found it on the blogger home page. I have a site on breeds of horse maybe we could trade links?

    Anonymous said...