Friday, December 16, 2005

Don't Forget 1000

"His glance has grown so tired
of the bars passing, it cannot hold anything anymore.
For him it is as though there were a thousand bars
and behind a thousand bars no world."

That is the first verse of the poem "The Panther" by R.M. Rilke and I thought it was most appropriate considering my quest and it's near completion.

Just another reminder that Bar Number 1000 is just around the corner and it is going to be PIONEER in New York. I will be having my drink on Friday, December 30th and should be there around 6:00 P.M. Of course I will be sticking around for awhile. Hell, there will no longer be a reason for me to go anyplace else. I might just move in. Stop by, have a drink with me, be a part of history. It is also a great excuse to start your New Years Eve celebration a day early.

PIONEER is located at 218 Bowery, and what could be more New York than that. It is easy to get to by subway, which would just add to the experience. You can find out more about PIONEER by clicking the dancing hats.

I am certainly looking forward to this and looking forward to seeing all of you.


Lisa said...

Hey, Bar Man,

I have watched your quest with interest from Dallas and will actually be in NYC from December 23rd to 27th . . . I would love to grab a drink (or two . . . ) while I'm there with you and, if she is so inclined, the Mysterious Chinese Woman. If you're up for it and will have some bar visits left to accomplish during that time, please let me know!


1000 Bars said...


The 27th might be a good day for a drink. I will be busy before that with Christmas plans. Send me an email and perhaps we can arrange something.

Kelvin said...

Kia Ora from a krazy blogger down under in New Zealand. Great bar blog !!! Can I mention it on one of my blogs ???

1000 Bars said...

Kelvin, be my guest. Glad you are enjoying it.

josh williams said...

Hell its not a party unless everyone is invited. Strong work! You will recognize me as the person that is not present. Werk and all. Thanks for the invite. As for the Pioneer I would like to send a drink or a donation to a charity. Your call. Those of us who cannot attend , I propose a donation to your favorite donatee. JW

josh williams said...

Never refuse to do a kindness unless the act would work great injury to yourself, and never refuse to take a drink-- under any circumstances.
- Mark Twain's Notebook

josh williams said...

My double final entry! If we all buy bar man a drink then what he does not drink, which will be large because I am confident that he will not be able to keep up, the poor fella will be mostly sober because its his big night and stuff and he will be on his toes. My final suggestion is to give the profits to charity, after barmans tab is paid. I have a number of them I could suggest but you might become suspecious when they all began with the Josh Williams charity.
Strong work bar man and by god there is going to be a bus load of people at the bar and watching via internet and the TV. Lets cure all the worlds ill's! At least for a few hours...JW

Bret Taylor said...

No posts in 5 days? I hope Barman's too busy racking up new additions to the list to log in.

1000 Bars said...

Have no fear, I hit a number of bars yesterday and will be putting them up shortly. I am getting close to the end so I can start to pace myself a bit. I was at a Jet's game on Sunday and we did tailgate a bit, I made hot Glogg that was both delicious and potent. I decided I needed Monday to recuperate.

josh williams said...

Eight miles high and when you touch down
You'll find that it's stranger than known

Signs in the street that say where you're going
Are somewhere, just being their own

Nowhere is there hope to be found
Among those afraid of losing their ground

Rain-gray town known for its sounds
In places, small faces unbound

Down the square they are huddled in storms
Some laughing, some just shapeless forms

Sidewalk scenes and black limousines
Some living, some standing alone

josh williams said...

Well I got a bad liver and a broken heart
yea I drunk me a river since you tore me apart
and I don't have a drinking problem
cept when I can't get a drink
And I wish you'd a known her
we were quite a pair
she was sharp as a razor
and soft as a prayer
so welcome to the continuing saga
she was my better half
and I was just a dog
and so here am I slumped
I been chippied I been chumped
on my stool
so buy this fool, some spirits and libations
it's these railroad station bars
with all these conductors and the porters
and I'm all out of quarters
and this epitaph is the aftermath
yea I choose my path
hey come on Cath, he's a lawyer,
he ain't the one for ya
and no the moon ain't romantic
it's intimidating as hell
and some guy's trying to sell
me a watch
And so I'll meet you at the
bottom of a bottle of
bargain Scotch
I got me a bottle and a dream
it's so maudlin it seems

you can name your poison
go on ahead and make some noise
I ain't sentimental
this ain't a purchase it's a rental
and it's purgatory, hey
what's your story, well
I don't even care
cause I got my own double-cross to bear

and I'll see your Red Label
and I'll raise you one more
and you can pour me a cab,
I just can't drink no more
cause it don't douse the flames
that are started by dames
It ain't like asbestos
it don't do nothing but
rest us assured
and substantiate the rumors
that you've heard.

This is all I have to say. That is until you block my posts.

josh williams said...

Mr. Bar Man , I must apologize for my long posts, you see I visit after I "toddle" home from the pub. I am curious as to why you do not have many comments, this site is fertile fodder for comments. You seem to receive a ton of spam, this helps me absolve myself of my cluttered posts, at least I aint trying to sell ya something.
Kind Regards JW

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