Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bye Bye Minneapolis

Today it was back to New York. I thought I would be able to hit a few bars at the airport before I left but that was not to be. The Minneapolis airport is, to put it politely, a work in progress. It has two terminals, the main one is the Lindbergh Terminal and that is the one with all of the bars. The one that I was flying out of is the Humphrey Terminal, and that one has only one bar. These terminals are not very close to each other. A light rail system that runs all the way to downtown Minneapolis connects the two terminals but it is a long, long walk from that to the Humphrey Terminal so once we got there we just parked ourselves and I could only hit the one bar.

801) Grandaddy’s Bar

This is a nice looking airport bar with a nautical theme to it. There is an old, wooden-hulled Chris Craft speedboat on display behind the bar. A small wooden skiff hangs above the entrance. The bar itself is good-sized and has a light wood-grained Formica top with a darker wood armrest and front. The shape of the bar suggests the prow of a boat. The footrest is blue-shaded tiles that, I guess, are meant to suggest water. The bar chairs have metal legs with nautical blue seats and backs. The overhang above the bar is pretty much a mirror image of the bar but with multi-colored flared cone-shaped glass shaded lights hanging from it.

Bar Man Having His Last Beer In Minneapolis

Curved wooden booths are against the wall to the right of the bar and pictures of old speedboats and advertisements for boat-works hang on the yellow walls. The bar is separated from the security check only by a low railing so it has a bit more of an open feel to it than I really like. They are starting to remodel the place so I don’t know what it will look like a couple of weeks from now. The bartender said it is just going to affect the area behind the bar where you can look out the windows at the airplanes.

I had a Samuel Adams Octoberfest.

Just one bar today bringing my total for the year to 801 and leaving 199 to go. I am going to try to hit 825 bars before I leave for Spain next Sunday. Anything can happen in Spain, but I do have high hopes for significant progress while I am there. I hope that I will be able to post from there but that will depend upon the availability of internet cafes.