Saturday, July 02, 2005

Crowbar Inn

No bars today so I thought I would take the opportunity to model a tee-shirt that was sent to me by Andy Wakeford. He heard about me as a result of an interview that I did on KFGO-Fargo. His parents once owned the Crowbar Inn, which was located in the small town of Osnabrock, ND. He said it was the typical, rural North Dakota Bar. The Crowbar Inn, unfortunately, is no more. It was opened in September of 1985 and after changing hands several times in the mid-1990s it was gutted by a fire in 1999. Mr. Wakeford was kind enough to send me a tee-shirt that he managed to dig up.

Pretty cool looking tee-shirt. Too bad the bar is gone. Thanks so much Andy, I really appreciate it.

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